In 1962 the national medical specialist organizations of the European Community (European Union) grouped together to form the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS). At the same time individual sections of the various medical specialties were formed under the umbrella of the UEMS, including a section of laboratory medicine. In 1988 a specialist section of Anatomo-Pathology was split off from this laboratory specialty. The main objective of this section was the harmonization of pathology practice in Europe. At the request of the UEMS, the different sections set up European Boards and in 1992 the European Board of Pathology was constructed but as there was an enormous overlap of activities between the specialist section of the UEMS and the European Board, it was decided that the UEMS-section Pathology should also act as the European Board of Pathology.

The objectives of the European Board of Pathology are:

  • the harmonization of training in pathology in Europe
  • the setting of minimal standards for training institutions and for those who are in charge of training
  • the establishment of european board examinations
  • to organize exchange facilities for trainees between recognized training institutions
  • to study and advise on manpower in European Pathology
  • to advise on quality control on a European basis

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  1. Dear colleagues,

    Concerning eligibility for the examination of the EBP the candidate should be a qualified pathologist in her/his country of origin or in her/his last three months of training on the date of the exam.
    We take candidates on a first come first serve base and the total number is restricted to 30 per year. In first instance the examination is meant for European pathologists but non-European citizens are allowed as well.
    As to the preparation for the exam a full training in pathology in combination with knowledge of a classical textbook such as e.g. Robbins Basic Pathology should be sufficient to pass.

    Yours sincerely

    Prof. dr. Claude Cuvelier
    Chairman Examination Committee EBP
    Department of Medical and Forensic Pathology
    Ghent University
    PAD Building, UZGent
    De Pintelaan 185
    B 9000 Ghent

    e-mail: Claude.Cuvelier@ugent.be
    Tel. +32 9 3323676


    1. Hi is that examen allows successful people to register or practice pathology in european contries if not what benefits can give this exam in term of recognition.?


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